Motivation station! Echo attends leadership conference in Atlanta


The Echo Business Solutions team just returned from a fantastic weekend in Atlanta from a leadership conference that we attend quarterly.  The Leadership team of Echo always looks forward to this particular conference because of the highly applicable presentations and strong networking opportunities.  Not to mention, it’s always so much fun to catch up with colleagues and friends who work in other businesses.  One of the favorite presentations this quarter was by entrepreneur, Adam Dorfman, who spoke insightfully about self-definition:  Some people rate themselves based on success or failure, or richness or poorness, and these definitions fall somewhat flat. Dorfman discussed another way to define yourself based on your character, values and vision, a richer definition that leads one to where he/she wants to be in life.

Our president, Jane Mernagh, also spoke at the conference on the subject of team development.  “It was great to be able to give people some tips on how to build relationships and understand what truly motivates them,” was how Jane described the opportunity.

Most excitingly, our very own Caleb Doughty received an award, in front of the 800 attendees, in recognition of his excellence in leadership performance.  We asked President Jane Mernagh about the significance of the award and how Doughty was selected for this honor: “He has been with Echo only four months and has shown consistent results this whole time. He is in charge of six people’s training and has led successful business trips already.”

After a successful conference, the Echo team is happy to be back and is ready to hit the ground running after this huge dose of motivation!

Jane Mernagh

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