Echo Business Solutions Charleston Reviews the Best “Millennials” Articles on the Web

The #Millennial generation fascinates me – maybe because I am one.  But one thing’s for sure:  I am not the only one who is fascinated.  Articles and blogs about Millennials on the internet are ubiquitous.

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Here are some of the best recent articles about Millennials, from a variety of sources.

Millennials in the Workplace

6 Secrets to Millennials’ Workplace Happiness, Mashable  Tips to employers of Millennials: Pay for performance, offer mentorship opportunities, make structures transparent, get flexible, give back, have fun.  Millennial workers aren’t going away, so it’s time to consider how to keep these employees happy.  Wise idea.

Millennials Are Defining the Workplace, Huffington Post  Millennials are quickly becoming the largest group of employees at companies of all sizes.  They are exerting greater influence in the workplace, and are now forcing changes in how to motivate and engage with employees.

An Ode to Millennials in the Workplace, Switch & Shift  Millennials bring to the workplace a fresh energy and a passion for technology.  Millennials, in particular, thrive when they’re truly passionate about their work.  They are truly themselves in every aspect of their lives, blurring their personal desires into their professional perspectives.  They openly admit that they want recognition for accomplishments, and want their work to have real meaning.

The Cubicle, for Millennials, is Where Dreams Go to Die, The Boston Globe  When young people think about a job they’d hate, it seems they’re thinking about an office job.  Nothing has shaped 20-somethings’ perceptions of the workplace more than the sitcoms they’ve been watching, and you’d be hard pressed to find a show that hasn’t portrayed the office as the place where dreams go to die.

50 Things About Millennials That Make Corporate America Sh*t Its Pants,Elite Daily  Our generation is an anomaly. We refuse to do things their way, so they call us entitled. We refuse to sit in cubicles, so they call us spoiled. We refuse to follow their plans, so they call us stubborn. What they are slowly realizing, however, is we’re not lazy, stubborn or entitled. We just refuse to accept things as they’re given to us.

Millennials’ Finance and Lifestyle

It Only Takes $10,400 to be Richer Than Most Millennials, The Wall Street Journal  Why so little?  Other than falling incomes across the board for all generations, Millennials’ finances are particularly affected by the rise of student loans, their avoidance of stocks, and their decision to delay owning a home.

How Millennials Spend, The Atlantic  Millennials are spending money differently than previous generations, preferring to throw cash at new experiences and adventures and to reward socially responsible companies that they can connect with and that they deem authentic.

How Millennials Can Survive And Thrive In The New Economy, Forbes  Here, based on interviews with economists, financial planners and savvy ­twenty-somethings themselves, are some tips to help Millennials thrive in today’s economy. There’s no foolproof formula, of course. But the rules have changed, and those who embrace the new ones will have the best chance of success.

Millennial Millionaires Just Want to Get Rich, CNBC  Did you know that 23 percent of today’s millionaires are Millennials?  There are now about 5 million millennial millionaires.  A whopping 82 percent of Millennials are planning to spend on luxury over the next 12 months.  Read for more interesting statistics.

Young Millionaires: How These Entrepreneurs Under 30 Are Changing the World, Entrepreneur  They may be inexperienced, but Millennials are fearless when it comes to tackling long-stagnant business models and technologies with fresh new approaches.

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