Echo Business Solutions Charleston Reviews 7 Habits of Highly Effective Millennials


You begin with the end in mind by setting short- and long-term career goals

If you’re like most millennials, you’re probably still figuring out precisely what you want out of life.  If you’re a “highly effective” millennial, though, you think about your goals all the time, and by now you’ve thought of a few really specific things that you want in your future.  Maybe you want to start a non-profit organization benefiting abused animals; maybe you want a glamorous beach house in the Hamptons; or maybe you want 3 children, a spouse, and a white picket fence.  Effective millennials take daydreaming to the next level by visualizing every minute detail of their dreams, and then using this imagery to drive their actions.

Furthermore, as an effective millennial, you take the time to write down a plan of attack each week.  You detail what you
want to accomplish, and how.  You schedule your “big rocks” in advance, such as meetings with your mentor, family dinners, date night with your significant other, and other essential time blocks.

With your goals clearly in mind, you know that it’s best to surround yourself with those who are positive and supportive, and who will help propel you in the right direction.  Accordingly, you’re careful about from whom you take advice.  You listen only to those who have shown a consistent track record of success in your field.  You love your mom very much and appreciate her positive intentions, but you recognize that as a ‘nurse’, she’s not the best person to advise you about entrepreneurship.

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