I just graduated from college, am I under qualified for a Jr. Executive Position?
Although the title “executive” or “management” may seem daunting, many of our business partners began right out of college. In fact, it is an advantage to have a clean slate, because training is easier where habits have yet to be created.
I have 5+ years experience; do I still have to start at the entry-level?
Companies request experience because it implies that maturity and business skill sets have been developed. Even with experience, though, no one earns respect as a manager without proving themselves. We have found that the best teams are lead by managers who have worked their way from the bottom to two the top and can thus personally understand and coach each role in the office.
How quickly can I get promoted?
That depends on you! In our industry there is virtually no ceiling. Here at ECHO we are growing at a rate we cannot quite keep up with, and the need for quality managers is immense. There are three management positions available currently and we will fill them based on merit. To ensure that the best individuals are the ones leading our organization, we have made the qualifications for advancement very clear-cut. This means that it is entirely dependent on your work ethic and competitive advantages!
Can I make money and advance in this company?
Absolutely. The sales and marketing industry is a lucrative field. We would not be growing this fast if each team member could not afford a healthy lifestyle. Advancement depends upon individual performance.
Is Echo growing?
Yes. At a rate we hadn’t imagined. Over the last year we have grown by 400% and more than doubled our clients expectations. Because of this growth we will be expanding to three new locations in 2017. If you are interested in applying, please visit our careers page.
Do I really have to do face to face sales at the entry level and account management positions?
Yes, and here is why: Sales is the foundation of all business. In order to truly understand and succeed in business, one must develop a working knowledge and experience of sales. By training all of our members in face to face, direct marketing and sales, we prepare them to compete in today’s business world. Each of our partners began in entry level marketing and sales, positioning them to empathize with the day to day challenges of their associates and developing them to be effective managers.
Where are you located?
Our office is located at:
1064 Gardner Rd Business suite 311 Charleston, SC 29407
We are opening three new offices across the country in 2017 and plan to continue with subsequent expansions.